Week 3 of Season 4 in the European League of Football included intense matchups. The Paris Musketeers and Madrid Bravos, who had a strong start in Week 2, continued to build their early-season resumes. The Bravos played on the road against the Rhein Fire, while Paris pulled out a tough win against the Frankfurt Galaxy.

On the other end of the spectrum, several teams in the ELF are looking for adjustments that they can make to turn around a slow start for the season. In many situations, that includes deciding to make a change at quarterback, and in some of those situations, teams find a big payoff, like the Tirol Raiders, which made a change at quarterback and had a re-invigorated offense in week 3. Other teams have chosen different routes to improve, including the Barcelona Dragons, which are under investigation by the league for having illegal players on their game-day roster in Week 3.

Let’s look at the outcomes from Week 3 of the ELF season 2024. Remember, ELF fans can stream all ELF games live weekly using the ELF Game Pass.

Madrid Bravos (2-0) 22, Rhein Fire (2-1) 10

The biggest surprise of Week 3 of the 2024 season in the ELF was the first-year Madrid Bravos traveling to Rhein Fire and snapping their 16-game win streak. Unlike Week 2 of the season, in which the Bravos quarterback Chris Helbig and receiver Willie Patterson dominated Barcelona Dragons, Madrid defeated the Fire with an exceptional defensive effort and a solid running game. Bravos running back Dwayne Obi ran for 149 yards and two touchdowns. Defensively, the Bravos shut down the fire offense by intercepting two of the fire quarterback Jadrian Clark’s passes. Unfortunately, the Bravos did lose quarterback Chris Helbig to a leg injury, but the Bravos have responded by acquiring Wroclaw Panther quarterback Steven Duncan.

Raiders Tirol (2-1) 63, Barcelona Dragons (1-2) 7

The Raiders Tirol bounced back in a big way after having their offense shut down in Week 2 by the Vienna Vikings. After that game, the Raiders made a change at quarterback, releasing D’Angelo Fulford and adding the impressive Kason Martin. Martin, stepping in and making an immediate impact, scored five touchdowns and threw for 364 yards against the Barcelona Dragons. The Raiders also dominated on the ground with over 300 rushing yards. Barcelona quarterback Levi Lewis struggled to get in a rhythm, scoring two touchdowns and throwing two interceptions.

Milano Seamen (1-2) 14, Helvetic Mercenaries (0-2) 7

The Milano Seamen and the Helvetic Mercenaries were two teams that desperately needed to win in Week 3. After being viewed as potentially the worst team in the ELF after their first two games this season, the Seamen dominated on defense, sacking Helvetic quarterback Carlton Aiken Jr. several times after he led the Mercenaries to a touchdown early in the game. Milano quarterback Zach Bronkhorst also found a way to get his team in the endzone, leading the Seamen to their first win of the 2024 season.

Paris Musketeers (2-0) 25, Frankfurt Galaxy (0-2) 22

The Paris Musketeers came into Week 3 needing to prove they could reproduce their explosive Week 2 performance against the Hamburg Sea Devils. Offensively, the Musketeers struggled to produce the same explosive plays on offense that they demonstrated in Week 2. Musketeers quarterback Zach Edwards did find a way to make enough plays to help Paris put points on the scoreboard, but the Paris defense was the driving factor to their win against the Frankfurt Galaxy. Frankfort defender Daniel Josiah scored a defensive touchdown early in the game to steal some momentum. Still, the Galaxy struggled with turnovers and interceptions during their final drive on offense.

Berlin Thunder (2-1) 43, Fehervar Enthroners (0-3) 3

For the second week in a row, the Berlin Thunder dominated on offense to pick up a significant early-season victory. This week, quarterback Jakeb Sullivan connected with wide receiver Bais Kuoanda to put points on the scoreboard. Thunder wide receiver Aaron Jackson also made a big special teams play, returning a kickoff for a touchdown. The Fehervar Enthroners failed to get into a rhythm on offense, but quarterback Jack Mangel was injured during the game. Overall, the Enthroners still need help finding an identity on offense and are defined by penalties and turnovers this season.

Vienna Vikings (3-0) 16, Panthers Wroclaw (1-2) 13

The Vienna Vikings have had an efficient start to the ELF season on offense and defense. In Week 3, the Vikings would have to maintain their success without quarterback Ben Holmes, who was injured last week. Vikings quarterback Alex Reischl started slow on offense, giving the Panthers a chance to jump to a 10-point lead. The Panthers led the game until Reischl hit receiver Reece Horn and Johannes Schutz to point touchdowns on the scoreboard. Wroclaw needed to respond more effectively to maintain its lead. Vienna finished the game against Wroclaw with a quarterback sack for a safety in the 4th quarter. The Panthers will find themselves with a new starting quarterback next week, and their quarterback, Steven Duncan, has signed with the Madrid Bravos.

Munich Ravens (2-1) 51, Prague Lions (0-3) 7

During Week 2 of the 2024 season, the Munich Ravens had a breakout game on offense and defense, picking up a win in a dominant fashion. In Week 3, the Raven built on that momentum by dominating with an explosive passing game and an impressive rushing game against the struggling Prague Lions. The Lion’s defense did little to resist the Raven’s offense, allowing Munich to score 51 unanswered points to start the game. In the fourth quarter, Lions running back Adam Zouzelka broke free for a rushing touchdown. Prague had a punt blocked during the game, and they struggled to protect their quarterback against the Raven defense.

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