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  • Expanding Viewing Options: The IFL announces a strategic partnership with Caffeine, adding to its streaming repertoire alongside the existing IFL YouTube Channel, to enhance accessibility and viewer options for the 2024 season.
  • Targeting a Younger Audience: Caffeine’s demographic of a younger, more diverse audience aligns with the IFL’s goal to reach the next generation of fans, leveraging Caffeine’s specialization in live sports broadcasting and community engagement.
  • Beyond the Games: This collaboration extends beyond live game broadcasts, encompassing original IFL content such as “Inside the IFL” and “Plays of the Week,” accessible across multiple devices including iOS, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire through the Caffeine platform.

The Indoor Football League has announced a new partnership with streaming platform, Caffeine. IFL games will stream on Caffeine in addition to the IFL YouTube Channel.  Caffeine is a live broadcasting platform that specializes in discovery and content distribution for the next generation of live sports and community, increasing options for viewing IFL games in 2024. Boasting a younger, more diverse audience than many traditional broadcast platforms, Caffeine is uniquely suited as a streaming partner of the IFL. The Indoor Football League will be joining Caffeine creators by the likes of LIV Golf, World Surf League, CONCACAF, A7FL, World Poker Tour, and more.

“We’re very excited to partner with Caffeine,” said Todd Tryon, IFL Commissioner. “It’s a great step in our efforts to expand streaming options and reach the next generation of IFL fans.”

In addition to regular season IFL games, the partnership with Caffeine will include the broadcast of original programs such as Inside the IFL and Plays of the Week with more to come. Caffeine is available to watch live and for free on iOS, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire, as well as on the Caffeine website,

As the 2024 IFL season kicks off on March 16th, the league is focused on expanding its reach to bring sports fans to the world of indoor football. As well as giving its current fans as many viewing options as possible.

Caffeine is the go-to destination for more than 150+ sports leagues, competitive event organizers, content creators, and sports media publishers and competitive event organizers seeking new monetization and distribution opportunities in today’s rapidly changing sports broadcasting landscape.  Currently, the platform boasts over 60 million monthly active users, a massive 1,200% increase from 5 million a year prior, with 1.4 billion total views in 2023.

About the Indoor Football League
The Indoor Football League takes America’s favorite sport, turns up the speed, and brings it indoors on a 50-yard field surrounded by walls.  The IFL is the Major League of Indoor Football.  Entering its sixteenth season of play, The IFL is the second longest running professional football league in the country, second only to the NFL.  It bolsters a national footprint featuring 16 teams from coast to coast. In 2023, the IFL expanded its reach through collaborations with CBS Sports, simplebet, the UFL, and others, enhancing the availability of its distinctive sports entertainment experience.  2024 promises more strategic partnerships and calculated growth, on and off the field.

About Caffeine
Caffeine is a live social broadcasting platform that specializes in discovery and content distribution for the next generation of live sports and related community streams. From action sports to basketball, battle rap, baseball, and more, Caffeine is making it easier than ever for fans to discover, watch and interact with the competitions and events that drive their fandom. Caffeine offers massive distribution and ad-supported content for sports partners, and in-app purchase features for their fans.

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