The UFLPA put out the following press release relating to weekly UFL player bonuses based on being named player of the week.

The UFLPA said the following;

“Our union filed a grievance challenging the UFL’s decision not to elect and award individual player bonuses for those selected as ‘Player of the Week’. The union’s claim is that the reluctance by the league to administer player compensation and benefits is in violation of the collective bargaining agreement.

It was our intent in negotiating player accolade bonuses that individuals who earned weekly performance based awards would be compensated based on their body of work. The union has requested that weekly individual player bonuses be administered accordingly, pursuant to the adopted CBA. We have begun discussions with league operations to resolve this issue in order to avoid litigation proceedings.”

When it was announced, we broke down UFL players salaries based on what the UFLPA said. There was a section on how players can earn extra money through various bonuses including winning ‘Player of the Week’ which comes with a $1,000 bonus. The problem is the UFL has not announced any players of the week since the season started at the end of March.

The UFL does a weekly UFL MVP race on the official UFL website, which according to the UFLPA, the winner of the UFL MVP will get a $7,500 bonus.

As of today, the UFL did release an announcement on a UFL Sportsman of the Year Award. The winner will be announced the week of the UFL Championship game in St. Louis on June 16th. No word on if any bonus comes along with it.

Hopefully the whole situation is an oversite and things get rectified quickly. The league did officially merge on January 1st.

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