Key Points:

  • Stallions Social Event: Scheduled for February 8th at Protective Stadium Club.
  • Star-Studded Q&A Panel: Featuring UFL CEO Russ Brandon, EVP Daryl Johnston, and Skip Holtz.
  • Engaging Interaction for Fans: Opportunity for Stallions fans to interact with UFL leaders.

Exclusive Fan Engagement Event

The Stallions are hosting an exclusive social event at Protective Stadium Club on Thursday, February 8th. The event, announced today in a press release from the UFL, runs from 5pm to 6:30pm, offering fans a unique opportunity to connect with the team and league executives.

Q&A with UFL Leaders

This event features a Q&A session with prominent figures in the UFL: CEO and President Russ Brandon, EVP of Football Operations Daryl Johnston, and the Stallions’ head coach Skip Holtz. Fans are encouraged to come prepared with questions, making it an interactive and informative experience.

Stallions Fans: A Special Gathering

This event is a perfect chance for Stallions fans to engage directly with the leaders shaping the team and the league. It’s not just an opportunity to learn more about the team’s strategies and insights but also a chance to show support and enthusiasm for the upcoming season. Stallions season tickets are still on sale at the official UFL website.

Stallions Event

Gearing Up for the UFL Season

The Stallions Social is an exciting prelude to the UFL season, bringing fans closer to the action. It’s a testament to the team’s commitment to its fanbase, fostering a community spirit and excitement for what the new season holds. The UFL also announced events for the Michigan Panthers and D.C. Defenders.

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