In a recent interview on THE FAST LANE on 101ESPN in St. Louis, Daryl Johnston, President of Football Operations for the United Football League (UFL), shared insights into the league’s operations, challenges, and the excitement surrounding spring football. The conversation ranged from Johnston’s football career to the intricacies of managing a newly merged spring football league.

Key Points

  • Johnston emphasizes the importance of adopting best practices and leaving egos at the door to ensure the UFL’s success following its merger.
  • He reveals the operational challenges of merging two leagues, highlighting the difficulty in integrating different philosophies but noting the collaborative progress made.
  • The UFL’s commitment to fan engagement and providing professional experiences for players was underscored, with special mention of the unique energy and vibe at St. Louis games.

The Challenge of Merging Leagues

Daryl Johnston opened up about the complexities involved in merging the USFL and XFL into the new UFL. He detailed the challenge of combining different operational philosophies and the initial difficulty in fostering a collaborative environment due to remote communications. However, Johnston noted that as teams began to work closely on the ground, the merger’s challenges seemed less daunting than anticipated.

I think the hard part for us is you’re on Zoom calls and you’re talking, but you’re not engaging with each other. You’re not working with each other yet.

So once we got into the DFW area and really started to have boots on the ground and started working together, both leagues working jointly, putting those words into action, that’s when we saw that this was not going to be as challenging as we had anticipated.

Got a ton of really great football minds with us, ton of knowledge, great networks to be able to tap into to help us out. So what we’ve talked about to this point has proven to be true. We have looked at best practices.

We have checked their egos at the door. We are working towards what’s the best thing possible moving forward for the UFL.

Operational Strategies and Best Practices

Johnston highlighted the strategic approach to integrating teams into their home markets, a vision both leagues shared before their merger. This strategy aimed at not just operational efficiency but also fostering a connection between teams and their communities. However, Johnston admitted that achieving this goal requires a careful balance to ensure financial sustainability.

So we just feel that the one thing we have to do is make sure that we’re being smart from a budgetary standpoint. The hub gives us the best opportunity to do that. I think we’ll probably look at this.

To start out, both of us talk when we started our leagues to crawl, then walk, then run, and we were both probably starting to walk, and now we … are a little wobly. Let’s go back and crawl a little bit more and make sure we get it propped up on a good foundation. But that’s the most important part.

Engaging Fans and Providing Professional Experiences

Johnston expressed enthusiasm for the UFL’s focus on enhancing the game-day experience for fans and players alike. He specifically mentioned the excitement surrounding games in St. Louis, highlighting the city’s vibrant energy and the impact it has on players and the overall atmosphere.

“Yeah. Looking forward. And again, we saw what was going on here. And just the announcement earlier today about the championship game and the excitement there… It’s not the numbers. It’s the energy. It’s the vibe inside that stadium. So very excited for our guys.”

Throughout the interview, Daryl Johnston provided insights into the operations and future aspirations of the UFL. His discussion covered the challenges and strategies of merging leagues, operational efficiencies, and the league’s commitment to engaging with fans and providing professional experiences for players.

The UFL aims to offer something unique in the landscape of spring football, with a focus on community connection and the energy of game days, particularly highlighted by the enthusiastic response from St. Louis fans.

For fans looking to delve deeper into Johnston’s thoughts and the UFL’s direction, the full interview is available on THE FAST LANE on 101ESPN in St. Louis, offering a look at the future of spring football.

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