Key Points:

  • UFL Merger: Impact on Teams and Fans
  • DeFilippo’s Draft Strategy for Memphis Showboats, Taking XFL Players
  • Transition from Assistant to Head Coach

UFL Merger: Enhancing Football Quality

John DeFilippo, the new head coach of the Memphis Showboats, shared insights on the UFL merger during his ABC 24 interview. He emphasized the merger’s benefits, particularly the amalgamation of talent from both the XFL and USFL, enhancing the overall quality of football. This, he believes, will significantly improve the viewing experience for fans.

“The most exciting part about the two leagues coming together is for our fan base and for our viewers…the best players from both leagues are going to come together in one league and so the product on the field is going to be better.”

Strategic Draft Approach

DeFilippo discussed his approach to the UFL draft. He stressed the importance of selecting the best players available for the Memphis Showboats, regardless of their previous league affiliations, to strengthen the team’s performance.

“There will be 17 players…We owed it to our team and to our city to draft the best player that was out there for that position…We tried to get the best player from either league, and it was a lot of work…. we were really the only team in the new league, in the UFL, to cross party lines. We drafted five, six, seven guys from the XFL.”

The Call that Changed Everything

The moment DeFilippo received the call to become the head coach of the Memphis Showboats was a pivotal point in his career. This call marked a new chapter for him in the UFL.

“It’s a great story…Daryl Johnston…called me and said, ‘hey, I apologize, but the New Orleans breakers are no longer. But we’d love for you to come coach the Memphis Showboats.’ And it took me about a second and a half to say yes.”

The Essence of UFL Players

DeFilippo provided insights into the unique aspects of UFL players, highlighting their close proximity to the NFL level and the opportunities the league offers them. “

The guys that have a lot of success in our league usually have had a taste of the National Football League…And they’re this close away. They’re literally this close.”

From Assistant to Head Coach

Reflecting on his journey from being an assistant coach to a head coach, DeFilippo shared the differences in responsibilities and perspectives.

“Everybody’s problems come to your desk…when you have to sit in this chair for the first time, you see the game a little bit differently from more 30,000ft and you realize that it’s not going to be whether we have a good practice or not, it’s not going to win or lose us a ball game.”

The interview with John DeFilippo on ABC 24 provided valuable insights into the UFL’s current landscape, DeFilippo’s strategic approach to building the Memphis Showboats, and his personal evolution in coaching roles.

His perspectives on the UFL merger, draft strategies, and the transition from an assistant coach to a head coach highlight the dynamic nature of professional football coaching and the specific challenges and opportunities in the UFL. This interview offers a comprehensive understanding of DeFilippo’s vision for the Memphis Showboats and his approach to coaching in the UFL.

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